Longine(w)s #0 - 2013 July

Infos, préparation, rencontres,coulisses... le i-Paper du Longines global tour

Page 2 : #0 - 2013 July

Concept ?The purpose is to create the first multi-lingual interactive online library dedicated to the equestrian sport that presents the Longines historical passion for this universe.This online library will be free access for visitors and cheap production costs,  potentially can become in a few months the new "rendez-vous" for people who are passionate for horses and also inovative, powerful and eco-friendly way for Longines to communicate.The Longines I-Blio(theque) will also be a new way to discover what Longines is about and what Longines is affiliated with in respect to all activites and sporting events following.With what content ?Like in a real library, the Longines equestrian library will be organised in different sections and will present all sorts of interactive books, magazines, guides, portfolios, catalogs, etc...The "heart" of this library could be an i-paper, the "Longine(w)s", with regular issues and all the Longines or partners infos.The second sort of publications could be interactive documents like Programs of the events with suitable functionalities like online reservations, comments, etc...The third family could be "In live special issues" on each date of the tour.And, at least, to follow the relation and the communication, we can also create books or portfolios which relate big events or a complete season, etc...How can it work ?1-     To open the library we will need a few publications made by advance like the program of the next season, books for example on this        historical implication of Longines in this sport, photo or movies portfolios, etc...2-     The second step is to create new titles reguarly for people to discover and to come back to the library like in a great place to find new     type of info.3-     This online library will give customers  the opportunity to sponsor various sections or publications in a very flexible mannerism with or      without other partners.For example,the remaining footage not used in the television commericals will then be utilised by our online library for viewers to then participate together  with the financial respect to the sponsorshipWhat Does It Offer ?The Longines equestrian library can offer a new innovative way for the company to communicate with all around the world.It also offers the full media functions that presents all information, audio and video documents, reservation and online payment solutions, as an easy way for people to share on social networks, to subscribe for free, etc...The i-Blio concept also offers a  very powerful natural performance on the search engines and a powerfull performance in viral diffusion.Our online library will be heavily based on the continuos ,new issues being updated in the Longines world to keep our customers attracted to our site.What extensions ?In a next step, Longines can also create other dedicated libraries for each sport supplied like ski, tennis, etc... and of course a Longines watches library.By his side, i-Blio can present some of the Longines publications on the i-Blio homepage or in some of other complementary libraries (for exemple Luxury, Sports, Catalogues, etc...)