Longine(w)s #0 - 2013 July

Infos, préparation, rencontres,coulisses... le i-Paper du Longines global tour

Page 3 : #0 - 2013 July

Philosophyi-Blio Libraries & publication system  can be simply defined in 2 words : Simple & Open.The purpose is to deliver to our customers information in an effective and efficent way in the most convenient and relaxed manner from anywhere around the world.The purpose is to create friendly places to read, listen and watch, places were people can quickly find what they want and quiet place were people  are not being deviated into other websites like most do.Every publication must be free of charge to consult and available anytime.Our philosophy is fist to respect the public to give them maximum satisfaction in what they are looking for.We want to provide the customers access  in the most efficent and effective possible way with the most information we possibly can.  Our online library invited visitors to return anytimes to our site to discover new publications on the current issue. We also offer a new  way to give the best impression for our publishers to their clients.TechnologyI-Blio is a new system, with an infinity of possibiities of naration and interactions in each article. People just need a simple web connection to access with any type of PC or nomad platforms, no applications to download, no players to purchase...One of the most impressive factors that our website offers is that we are exclusive tot he mazrlet because we have exclusive rights to technology in the edition market.I-Blio give also publisher to access to a complete tracking of the people that read their publications and many new functions each month.An "à la carte" staffWe can also provide to publishers or companies an " à la carte" specialised staff just in function of your needs in each step of the construction of your publications. We work with a small permanent crew but a big freelances staff in each speciality (translation, redaction, video, sound, design, 3d images, specific web development, etc...)XWe offer high levels of flexibility.So we can offer different way to colaborate : from the simple integration of your elements in our platform to the constitution of real dedicated team in each places of the world.A simple process of productionOur online library system is able to deliver the  maximum satisfaction, efficently and effectively and provide all the informations and footage we possible can to ossibly can cover your needs. We are willing to answer any questions you may have to provide the best customer service possible at any time to your site to discover news publications on the current issues.